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"This call may be recorded for quality and training:" How AI does the analysis

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You’ve heard that recorded warning before and wondered: what are they doing with my call? Can you imagine the drudgery of having to listen to other people’s customer service calls and critique them for “quality and training?” Yikes.

Thankfully, at least for iQVenture’s customers, they don’t have that drudgery. With IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, human interchange and conversation is now understandable, and can be taught to other agents. Tone Analyzer is a service that uses linguistic analysis to detect joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident, and tentative tones found in text. Using agents, keywords, and other filters, businesses like IQVentures can quickly identify and address issues in customer service, or determine and share best practices.

You can even conduct social listening to analyze emotions and tones in what people write online (like Tweets or reviews) and predict whether they are happy, sad, or confident. These empathetic chatbots detect customer tones and build dialogue strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly. Here’s how the service works.

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