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This chatbot from Satisfi Labs is giving sports venues an AI upgrade

How a chatbot has elevated and improved the stadium experience.

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A giant sports stadium on game day can be overwhelming, to say the least. Where are your seats? Where’s the nearest bathroom? Where can you get a hot dog, minus the lines? You won’t necessarily get reliable answers from the stadium staff on the fly — unless you visit the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

What makes a trip to watch a hockey game at Little Caesars Arena special? Now with new technology from Satisfi Labs, based in New York, you can now use your phone to connect to an AI concierge that will answer venue-related questions. The chatbot platform recognizes 800 unique inputs, and can help you find everything from specific concessions to handicap parking. The user experience is relatively straightforward — you ask a question, you get an answer. But these interactions and the data they produce are fundamentally changing both customer experiences and business decisions.

For customers, the chatbot eases some of the difficulty of navigating crowded stadiums and venues. Where to find your favorite concessions or beverage stands, bathrooms, or where to sign up for season tickets is information now literally at each customer’s fingertips.

But the chatbot has huge benefits for venue staff as well. Satisfi Labs CEO Don White calls the chatbot a “scalable staff member” because it can field thousands of questions at once, while keeping track of trends in those queries. For example, if customers repeatedly ask about gluten-free food options, the chatbot will alert venue staff, which in turn impacts concession decisions.

Little Caesars Arena is just one of many venues across the country making Satisfi’s chatbot technology part of its digital infrastructure. The best part? All that’s required to use the service is reliable connectivity at the venue. Learn how the chatbot platform works.

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