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Liz Gannes is spending this year on the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University. She most recently covered Google, startups and trends in innovation for, where she also co-produced the D: Dive Into Mobile conference.

She has been a Silicon Valley-based business technology reporter since 2004, where she started her career at Red Herring. Liz was the second employee at the technology blog network Gigaom, where she covered the rise of the social Web. As part of Gigaom, in 2006, Liz founded NewTeeVee, a site that became the preeminent source for news and analysis about Internet video and the intersection of entertainment and technology.

She graduated from Dartmouth College, with a degree in linguistics.

Ethics Statement

Here is a statement of my ethics and coverage policies. It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, I am laying it all out.

I grew up in Silicon Valley, the daughter of a tech-reporter-turned-startup-CEO, and the technology industry has been a part of my life since before I can remember.

My major personal disclosure is the employment at Facebook, as of February 2012, of my husband, Michael Nowak. As part of his employment, he has been awarded restricted stock units; as his wife, these shares are financially beneficial to me.

But, to be clear, my husband has never been nor will be a source for my reporting, nor does his job influence my coverage and my fairness as a journalist. We consider abuse of that conflict of interest, both unethical and bad for both of our careers, and as such avoid it.

I am a shareholder of Giga Omni Media and I have investments in index funds that are not technology-specific.

This site and our conferences are owned by Revere Digital. Revere has two minority investors: The NBCUniversal News Group, which is owned by Comcast; and the investment firm Windsor Media, owned by former Hollywood executive and Yahoo CEO Terry Semel.

In addition, Pinterest executive Joanne Bradford is an independent board member of Revere, for which she has received a small amount of stock in Revere that vests over a number of years.

My posts have total editorial independence from these investors and also Bradford, even when they touch on products and services these companies produce, compete with, or invest in. The same goes for all content on Recode and at our conferences. No one in this group has influence on or access to the posts we publish. We will also add a direct link to this disclosure when we write directly about the companies.