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Canada is becoming a tech hub. Thanks, Donald Trump!

US companies are moving tech jobs to Canada rather than deal with Trump’s immigration policies.

Facebook wants to share more local news, but it’s having trouble finding it

One in three US Facebook users lives in a place where the company cannot find much local news.

Why Tesla desperately needs the new Model Y, in 3 charts

Everyone wants a low-cost SUV.

Why companies like Lyft and Uber are going public without having profits

The last time unprofitable companies went public at this rate was in 2000 — the year the dot-com bubble burst.

Two years after going public, Snap’s problems are still all about growth

A redesign of the Snapchat app and a shift to programmatic ads threw it off course.

Visa approvals for tech workers are on the decline. That won’t just hurt Silicon Valley.

More tech work could head overseas as the US allows fewer tech workers into the country.

Chart: How the definition of “journalist” is changing

The plight of journalists might not be that bad if you’re willing to consider a broader view of "journalism."

Americans feel as bad about billionaires today as they did during the 2009 recession

One theory: It has less to do with Elizabeth Warren and more to do with Donald Trump.

The government is using the wrong data to make crucial decisions about the internet

Bad maps mean federal money isn’t being spent where it should be to build out broadband connectivity.

Facebook’s first 15 years were defined by user growth

From dorm room to global dominance, Facebook’s path to 2.3 billion users.

Uber and Lyft are in a battle for user loyalty, and riders may win

Customers are shopping between the two ride-hail leaders and taking the car with the better price.

Apple doesn’t want to talk about iPhone sales anymore

It’s using services like the App Store and Apple Music as a distraction for declining iPhone revenue.

Amazon’s white-collar workforce says their warehouses need better conditions

The situation isn’t as bad at other tech company warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The robot revolution will be worse for men

Demographics will determine who gets hit worst by automation. Policy will help curb the damage.

Google, Amazon, and Facebook all spent record amounts last year lobbying the US government

They spent a combined $48 million — up 13 percent from 2017.

Facebook thinks the New York Times’ coverage of it has gotten more critical. It has.

Yes, the NYT has become more critical of Facebook. With good reason.

The history of Netflix price increases in a single chart

Subscribers will now pay between $9 and $16 per month, depending on the service.

The future of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri isn’t just in homes — it’s in cars

Voice assistants are more habit-forming in cars than on smartphones.

Amazon will win advertising dollars away from Facebook amid privacy concerns, a new survey suggests

Top ad buyers say increased spending on Amazon is mostly coming from other digital platforms.

The holidays ushered in a smart speaker explosion starring Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant

Smart speaker sales grew 78 percent in 2018.

Apple’s growing attraction to non-iPhone revenue in one chart

Services now account for 16 percent of Apple sales.

Amazon’s cashierless Go stores could be a $4 billion business by 2021, new research suggests

The futuristic shops bring in more revenue than regular convenience stores.

Here are some of the most popular shows on Netflix — which may be leaving Netflix soon

Fortunately for the streaming giant, its own shows are popular too.

Amazon, Apple and others are expanding out of major tech cities — but mostly to other major tech cities

The rich get richer.

2018’s tech trends and tribulations in 14 charts

Here’s a visual look back at the year.

Lyft has eaten into Uber’s U.S. market share, new data suggests

Uber controls the majority of U.S. ride-hailing but Lyft is growing twice as fast. And both plan to go public in early 2019.

Surprise! Two-thirds of U.S. residents would have been happy to have their city win Amazon’s HQ2.

Most don’t think the split second headquarters is a big deal.

Here’s what happens when the big media companies take their content off Netflix

The streaming media pioneer could lose about a fifth of its content hours.

Peloton now has more U.S. customers than SoulCycle, new data suggests

Tech-based home fitness companies are having a heyday.

Recent East Coast hurricanes have gotten more media coverage than California wildfires

It’s not your imagination: Fires get written about less.

Don’t be the jerk who brings up bitcoin this Thanksgiving

Cryptocurrency has no place at the table.

Here’s what Amazon HQ2 employees will face in Long Island City when it comes to transportation, housing and ... sewage

A lot of change is on the horizon for the Queens neighborhood.