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Amazon is dominant online, but local retail still has advantages Jeff Bezos can’t replicate

Sometimes it’s worth putting on your shoes and taking a walk.

Snap’s former No. 2 executive Imran Khan is building a shopping startup

Khan plans to launch a new shopping platform in 2019.

Two workers have died at an Amazon warehouse in Baltimore

Officials said a 50-foot wall collapsed during a storm.

Amazon’s booming ad business is both a blessing and a risk

The business’ strong profit margins are alluring. But the downside is real.

New York City’s first Amazon Go cashierless store will open near the World Trade Center

The company’s latest futuristic convenience shop is being built inside the Brookfield Place office and shopping complex.

Resy is winning newer, cooler restaurants away from OpenTable

The upstart is taking share. Can it build from there?

Trump’s latest China threat could crush the $8 billion Amazon competitor Wish. Here’s its plan to fight back.

The days of Wish building its company on the back of artificially low shipping rates may be over.

Instacart’s new $7 billion valuation is a bet on the future of grocery delivery — not a wager against Amazon

The startup has a fresh $600 million in funding to boot.

Square CFO Sarah Friar is leaving to become the CEO of Nextdoor — which means she won’t become the CEO of Square

Friar was one of Square CEO Jack Dorsey’s most valuable deputies.

Elon Musk’s summer of bad behavior hasn’t affected Tesla’s sales, but it has hurt its reputation

The new and used market for Teslas is booming.

SoftBank is betting the Vision Fund on WeWork

About one quarter of the fund could depend on the success of one company.

Amazon’s pay-raise backlash highlights a reality: People see the worst even when Amazon thinks it’s doing its best

With great power comes ...

Michael Rubin’s ShopRunner plans to acquire the e-commerce startup Spring

Is an Amazon Prime alternative for the fashion industry on the horizon?

Walmart plans to acquire plus-sized fashion startup Eloquii for $100 million

The company will join a portfolio of Walmart brands run by Bonobos founder Andy Dunn.

Amazon will raise its minimum wage to $15 for all 350,000 U.S. workers

The move comes in the wake of mounting criticism of the company’s treatment of warehouse workers.

Amazon has failed as a destination for ‘discovery’ shopping — so it built a physical store to try it the old-fashioned way

The new Amazon 4-star store is an admission of past missteps but also a worthy experiment.

Why Snap will get acquired before 2020, probably by Amazon

On the first episode of Pivot, Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway also discuss the Instagram co-founders’ dramatic exit and "tech bias."

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Billboards — yes, billboards — are having a heyday in a digital world

Outdoor advertising is bigger than ever.

Uber drivers and other gig economy workers are earning half what they did five years ago

More people are working for ride-sharing and delivery companies but on average they’re making less.

Amazon’s blockbuster Alexa event made zero mention of privacy concerns — and that may say more about us than about them

Alexa, how secure is my data?

Watch: Scott Galloway’s provocative predictions on Amazon, Walmart and the future of retail

Why Walmart will beat Amazon at groceries.

‘We launched with a pretty mediocre product’ — how two direct-to-consumer startups iterated to success

Customer feedback is very important.

Emily Weiss wants Glossier to own the online beauty conversation

"The shopping experience is even more broken and lacking for beauty products than what we initially believed."

Instacart needs to treat its delivery workers ‘much, much better’

Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta admits the company has had a rocky relationship with its shoppers.

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya says he would consider going public — but won’t sell to an industry giant

But: "When I read about Elon Musk, I think sometimes maybe not."

Why Crate and Barrel is partnering with rising digital competitor Zola: Customers ‘want to shop where they want to shop’

Retailers who don’t keep up with a digitally savvy millennial customer base will lose out, according to Zola CEO Shan-Lyn Ma.

The CEO of Macy’s says it’s harder for an e-commerce giant to conquer offline retail than the other way around

Amazon is going to try. But will it work?

Stripe gave up on bitcoin, but co-founder John Collison is excited about the future of crypto

"The future of crypto — especially as it applies to the means of exchange — that future is undetermined."

Stores and Stories: How two successful consumer startups find their customers

The founders of Framebridge and Away share the latest from the digital-native commerce world.

Here’s why Amazon rival Flipkart still wants to IPO even though Walmart bought it for $16 billion

It comes down to talent.

Instagram could still develop a new shopping app — but here’s how it’s trying to woo window-shoppers in its current one

Instagram is testing a dedicated shopping channel on its Explore tab to see if that grabs users who are intentionally looking to spend some cash.

Amazon’s new small-business product ‘feels like a trap,’ says Shopify’s CEO

Tobi Lütke thinks giving your business data to Amazon might not be a good idea.