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The logic behind Apple’s give-us-half-your-revenue pitch to news publishers

Magazine publishers are on board with Apple’s new subscription news service. Newspapers aren’t.

It will take more than NewsGuard’s team of journalists to stop the spread of fake news

Experts weigh in on whether a for-profit journalism initiative can do what big tech can’t.

The alternative to your dying local paper is written by one person, a robot, and you

Patch is reemerging as local newspapers decline.

Apple is talking to big newspapers about joining its subscription service

Last March, Apple bought Texture, a digital magazine service. Now it wants the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal to join up.

The ‘Trump bump’ in the New York Times’ digital news subscription growth is over

Almost 40 percent of new digital subscriptions are for crosswords and cooking.

Here’s why Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t think Infowars should be banned

Facebook prefers to slow the spread of conspiracy theories. That’s better than outright banning them, said the social media kingpin.

Media — both on the left and right — are pressing Facebook to define what journalism is

Even as the social media giant tries to not become the arbiter of what’s news — and what’s "trash."

Why the Craig behind Craigslist gave big bucks to a journalism program

His philanthropy funds veterans, women, voter protection and trustworthy journalism.

Facebook finally killed its controversial Trending section, which no one was using

Trending was a PR headache, too.

Full transcript: Financial Times CEO John Ridding on Recode Media

"I think that any publisher that ties their fortunes to social media or search platforms is making a major strategic mistake."

Financial Times CEO John Ridding explains how to make people pay for media

Techies pooh-poohed online subscriptions a decade ago. My, how things have changed.

Amazon asked its customers what they think about TV news. Here’s the survey.

Why do you think Jeff Bezos wants to know about that?

Full transcript: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Recode Decode

The veteran journalist was interviewed onstage at South By Southwest.

Reuters just got $10 billion to build a sustainable news business. How should it spend it?

Reuters News just won the lottery. What will it do with all that money?

TheSkimm is raising $12 million from Google Ventures and other investors to build its subscription business

The startup has a newsletter with seven million subscribers, but it wants more revenue sources.

Techmeme, the influential tech news aggregator, is launching its own podcast

Because everyone has a podcast. (That’s a good thing!)

Watch the full interview: Brit Morin and theSkimm’s Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg talked about reaching their audiences

It’s not all about social media.

Watch the full video: Analyst Michael Nathanson on where the media is headed

It’s a roller coaster ride for media these days.

Watch the full video: New York Times’ Lisa Tobin talks about the value of audio and the next big thing for The Daily

The Daily podcast already reaches 4.5 million unique listeners monthly.

Watch the full interview: Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Outbrain’s Yaron Galai onstage at Code Media

McCue got in some good digs at Apple’s so-called walled garden.

‘Apple News as a product is living in the past,’ according to Flipboard’s CEO

Mike McCue thinks a walled garden is the wrong approach for publishers in 2018.

TheSkimm’s founders dismissed critiques that their newsletter trivializes serious world events

"I think that we’re theSkimm for a reason," theSkimm co-founder Danielle Weisberg said.

Full transcript: ‘Meet the Press’ moderator Chuck Todd on Recode Decode

"I believe I am a custodian of something that is much bigger than myself, which is ‘Meet the Press.’"

These publications have the most to lose from Facebook’s new algorithm changes

Those that get the biggest chunk of traffic from Facebook will be hurt most.

Facebook is going to start ranking news sources — once its users tell it how to rank news sources

Mark Zuckerberg says he wants better news on his social network, but he doesn’t want to figure it out for himself.

Facebook is testing a new section of the app specifically for local news and events

Facebook is vetting local publishers that appear in this section.

Even in the age of Trump, people are getting less and less news from television

Local TV is still more popular than network and cable TV.

BuzzFeed is losing website traffic as readers head for more traditional news sites

The New York Times, Fox News and the Washington Post have eclipsed BuzzFeed in U.S. visitors, according to comScore.

Here’s a longer list of news organizations that cited Russia-linked Twitter accounts

Reporters around the country have been unknowingly including tweets from Russian trolls in their news stories.

After the fall of DNAinfo, it’s time to stop hoping local news will scale

After years looking at this problem, here’s the only answer I see.

The Washington Post, Miami Herald, InfoWars and other U.S. sites spread Russian propaganda from Twitter

Tweets from 2,752 fake Twitter accounts created by Russian government trolls found their way into U.S. news stories.

Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile wants to save the media industry by blocking ads

His new startup, Scroll, will charge consumers once for an ad-free experience across many news sites on all platforms.