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Nobody trusts Facebook anymore. Here’s one way it could change that.

AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky says Facebook and other tech companies should make it easy for users to temporarily opt out of data collection.

Here’s how to see if your personal data was stolen in the recent Facebook hack

Are you one of the 29 million people?

Facebook’s massive security hack was smaller than reported, but 29 million people still had their personal info stolen

The FBI is investigating.

Tesla’s board is too weak to stop its CEO Elon Musk from tweeting

"He paid $20 million for a tweet," Kara Swisher says on the latest episode of Pivot. "Who says Twitter can’t make money?"

Hackers may have accessed 50 million Facebook accounts in a new security breach

Another security blunder for Facebook — this time just six weeks before the U.S. midterm elections.

Twitter’s cleanup effort continues: It suspended more than 143,000 developer apps last quarter

But that’s not going to get the New York Times White House scribe Maggie Haberman back on the social communications platform anytime soon.

Full transcript: Former NSA and CIA director General Michael Hayden on Recode Decode

His new book, "The Assault on Intelligence," looks at our post-truth world.

Full video and transcript: U.S. Senator Mark Warner at Code 2018

On Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearings: "I thought, ‘Oh God, they’re going to leap to it.’ Then I was saying, ‘Oh my God. This is an embarrassment.’"

Facebook’s latest privacy blunder, explained (again!)

A software bug messed with privacy settings for 14 million users, so here’s what you need to know.

Here’s how a Pentagon cybersecurity expert imagines the U.S. could respond to a North Korean cyber attack

Eric Rosenbach asks us to role-play.

Here’s Amazon’s explanation for the Alexa eavesdropping scandal

A couple says their device secretly recorded a private conversation of theirs and sent it to an acquaintance.

Amazon is selling facial recognition technology to police, allowing them to analyze ‘millions of faces in real-time’

And the ACLU is furious.

WeWork has hired the executive who used to protect Obama and Trump from getting hacked

Cory Louie is joining as the coworking giant’s first chief security officer.

Full transcript: BlackBerry CEO John Chen on Recode Decode

"I believe data — your own data — is yours."

‘Somebody should make’ a new BlackBerry-like phone, says BlackBerry CEO John Chen

Not him. But somebody.

YouTube vowed to increase security after the attack — but that’s a tough task on tech campuses

The problem is that these campuses are generally designed to be fun, welcoming places.

Pennsylvania is suing Uber for up to $13.5 million in penalties for failing to disclose its data breach quickly enough

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the company violated Pennsylvania’s Breach of Personal Information Notification Act.

Uber is facing fresh, sharp rebukes from Congress for initially withholding details about a 2016 security breach

A Tuesday hearing on "bug bounties" has the company back in the political hot seat.

Full transcript: Axios’ Ina Fried answers Spectre and Meltdown questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Ina used to work for Recode, but we let her on the show anyway.

Facebook bought a startup that specializes in verifying government IDs

Confirm is joining Facebook’s office in Boston.

How worried should I be about the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws?

Axios’ Ina Fried says most consumers might be okay — if they update their systems ASAP.

The House has voted to renew the U.S. government’s sweeping surveillance powers and reject new privacy safeguards

The program allows intel agencies to collect communications from foreigners who are overseas.

Equifax could face a massive fine for another security breach — if two top Senate Democrats get their way

A new bill introduced today would give the government more power to police credit-reporting agencies.

Full transcript: Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker answers biometric security questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

"Security is the core of what we do. The integrity of the data is the integrity of our company."

Are biometrics a safe way to speed up airport security?

Clear CEO Caryn Seidman Becker answers all your privacy questions on the latest Too Embarrassed to Ask.

‘White hat’ hacker Amanda Rousseau hacks back at malicious software

Rousseau is No. 94 on the Recode 100.

Julie Cordua is defending children with technology

Cordua is No. 51 on the Recode 100.

Todd McKinnon, who successfully took his cloud management company IPO, also likes to give a lot to charity

McKinnon is No. 42 on the Recode 100.

Uber is going to have to explain why it hid the 2016 data breach that affected 57 million users

The questions — sent by Democrats and Republicans alike — could carry severe legal repercussions for Uber.

Full transcript: 1Password’s ‘Defender Against the Dark Arts’ Jeffrey Goldberg on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Yes, that’s his real job title.

Will we ever stop using passwords?

1Password’s Jeffrey Goldberg answers your questions about security and password management on Too Embarrassed to Ask.

How to watch ex-Yahoo Marissa Mayer and Equifax executives testify to Congress on major data breaches

The Senate Commerce Committee convenes its hearing at 10 am ET today.