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The Scooter Wars will be a bloodbath — and Uber will win

The Uber of scooters is going to be Uber.

Let’s make telemedicine available to all

If we can keep people from having to make costly and unnecessary trips to the hospital by bringing the care to them, then we must do that.

We need more women in tech in order to get more women in tech

The problem becomes exponentially easier to solve once you’ve begun to solve it.

Hey Siri, we have to talk

An open letter to Apple’s digital assistant.

A practical guide to the European Union’s GDPR for American businesses

American businesses operating or serving customers in the EU need to understand what they need to do to prepare for a new reality — which begins on May 25.

The legal sports betting arena is about to get crowded and we’re not ready

There could be 32 states offering legal sports betting within five years. And virtually no one will be ready for this amount of supply.

Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history

It’s a colossal pump-and-dump scheme, the likes of which the world has never seen.

E-commerce companies don’t pay local sales taxes. They need to get serious about fixing that.

The U.S. has been trying to figure out how to tax out-of-state transactions since before the internet.

What’s tech got to do with political activism? Everything.

On March 2, 2018, we got a call from the students organizing the March for Our Lives. Within a day, a team of tech volunteers was in full swing to support their movement.

What this Silicon Valley VC learned on the ‘Rust Belt Safari’

There are plenty of ways for tech to play in the "comeback cities" of the heartland.

A whopping 80 percent of all venture capital investment goes to just three states. That has to change.

And that’s why Silicon Valley VCs and D.C. lawmakers found themselves touring the Midwest by bus in search of startup activity.

Here’s what needs to happen for digital health care information-sharing to actually become a successful reality

Aneesh Chopra outlines what’s still missing.

Giving patients control of their health information will help give patients control of their health

Jared Kushner and Seema Verma argue for progress in digital health care data.

Rival chipmakers Qualcomm and Broadcom are in a back-and-forth that can only be described as a soap opera

Qualcomm has no interest — never has and never will — in letting Singapore-based Broadcom take over its company.

Why aren’t we harnessing technology to end homelessness?

For starters, why not implement predictive analytics for people at risk of being homeless?

John Martin, chairman and CEO of Turner: The future of television is happening now

We have evolved from a world of limited options to one of almost infinite choice.

Apple’s HomePod speakers will be the best-sounding ones you’ve ever owned

Hands-free Siri on HomePod is an important strategic initiative for Apple.

Advertisers are finding new places for ads with the rise of voice technology

We’re entering the fourth (screen) dimension.

Digital technology must empower workers, not alienate them

Coding alone will not prepare workers for our tech-filled future.

Apple’s star presence no longer overshadows CES

Amazon’s Alexa voice platform, and now Google’s assistant voice platform, were the clear ecosystem winners of CES.

Expect to talk to your devices a lot more in the future

If what we’ve seen in the first couple of days of CES is any indicator of what’s in store for 2018, we can expect to be talking a lot.

Ford CEO: Together, let’s take back the streets for living

With the power of AI and the rise of autonomous and connected vehicles, we’re capable of a complete disruption and redesign of the surface transportation system.

CES has a diversity problem. And it’s well past time to fix it.

The tech trade show turns 50 this year. It needs to start treating female executives and other women technologists with the respect they deserve.

Tech can’t prevent the next ‘bomb cyclone,’ but it can help businesses survive it

Innovations like "digital twins," predictive analytics and blockchain can help companies prepare for and react to severe weather events.

Artificial intelligence is forcing us to work harder to define human intelligence  — and to fight to defend it

Think like nobody’s strapping a band around your head to collect information about your thinking.

Meeting with potential funders shouldn't be an opportunity for sexual harassment

Just in time for the holiday party season, here are six defensive strategies every woman should know.

Let’s calm down. No matter what happens with net neutrality, an open internet isn’t going anywhere.

The biggest threat to Silicon Valley innovation and improving consumer experiences isn’t net neutrality, it’s an internet that stalls and doesn’t get better.

Building a restaurant business on the shoulders of the delivery industry is a recipe for failure

If one of the best-run restaurant groups in the country walks away with a 12 percent margin, imagine how your local restaurant is doing.

Facebook can do a lot more to protect us from revenge porn

It’s refreshing to see Facebook take action on a problem that is unintentionally spread on its platform — but it’s not enough.

Forget Facebook, Amazon or Google. Up-and-coming top tech talent is opting for startups.

A flight to the top at the world’s most established technology companies is no longer the most sought-after route to success.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be evil. We just have to teach it to be good.

There’s a pressing need to find a moral compass to direct the intelligent machines we’re increasingly sharing our lives with.

Bitcoin is at $10K — and that’s just the beginning of how it will revolutionize money

For the first time, we have a truly global technology revolution on our hands, fueled by smartphones, sensors and blockchain tech.